super show 6 (*^▽^*)

been awfully inconsistent with school & everything being crazy hectic!!!! this term has had so many ups & downs, i’ve felt more worn out than i have ever felt in a vry vry long. may have gotten a little too dizzy while getting caught up in the world’s constant spinning that i forgot how important it is to take time off alone & steady myself.  but happy days make everything much more bearable so here’s the highlight of my past few weeks!!!

managed to squeeze time out for super show 6!!! even though it was right in the middle of exams ´ ▽ `

spent weeks counting down & having something to look forward to was vry motivating especially during exam periods 🙂 & i was not disappointed at all bc i enjoyed the concert so so much!! still recovering from a cough & sore throat nearly week later, but i guess it’s worth it ahhhhh still so happy :’)

photo 4 (31)

+ super good company made it even better 🙂

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i!!! love!!!!!! you!!!!!!! so!!!!!! much!!!!!!!

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photo 2 (43)

didn’t take many pics during the concert since i made it a point to put my phone on airplane mode so i could enjoy the entire concert

& super happy to say that SS6 > SS5 ^∇^vv fun filled 3 hours!!

+ TAs are finally over, even though there’s bio SPA & all next week but… TAs definitely didn’t go well this time but i’m just glad that i can finally spend more time on other aspects of my life.

went to eat waffles today after chinese paper & we just spent a few hours sitting talking & laughing. tbh these kinds of catch-ups r my favourite, don’t say this enough but i am super grateful to have y’all as classmates / friends ^∀^

thankful for well-spent quality time filled with familiar atmospheres and laughters ^v^ went home feeling fuzzy & ultra happy!!!


capacity to love

the past week has really proven to be eye opening and truly, our capacity to love so dearly has left me in awe.

singaporeans willing to queue tirelessly for hours on end has really spoken volumes and struck me as a testimony of a nation’s outpouring love and gratitude.

not just singaporeans, but humans in general. i believe our ability to love is so way beyond our comprehension and honestly, our capabilities lie far beyond our expectations.

recently, i’ve been feeling slightly stuck and there have been things , friendships and all that have been bugging me constantly – but i’d like to constantly remember that we live in a world full of potential so lets all not worry too much about everything & to take things one at a time 🙂


finally facing up to something i’ve been delaying for more than a month now.

first time going back after more than a month’s break and i am really fearful. haven’t seen the actual report yet and i have no idea how i am going to react to it ( one thing’s for sure i’m not going to take it well ). although i already know the outcome, seeing it printed out makes it tangible , and that somewhat validates a truth i don’t want to acknowledge. it’s almost as if some part of me is still clinging on to the hope that there was a mistake somewhere, somehow. even though i know the chances of that happening is probably right next to zero, i can’t help but hope so.

been running from this for longer than i should have, and maybe it’s time i face up to my own failures. after all, how much longer can i escape for? it’s only a matter of sonner or later right?



it’s after mass & i’m on my way home from church when i receive the best piece of news i’ve heard in a really long while. i’m not going to lie, this holiday has brought many many highs, but there has definitely been significantly low points too. this piece of good news couldn’t have come at a better time – truly, God is wonderful. He really does have great plans for every one of us. It is only through His grace that we are saved, and this time, it was no exception. everything fell in place, each happening had a reason – it was all too much of a coincidence, there had to be someone planning. i’m still in awe of how God’s plan played out in front of us this time, just when i thought things weren’t going to get any better. this really serves as a timely reminder to always have faith in Him because ultimately, He knows our needs even better than we do ourselves.

I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned, In awe of the one who gave it all. 

sept hols!

vv late post but sept hols this year was a more slow-paced hol bc eyas r rly near + sept hols were rly short so i had to prioritize my time

basically my sept hols revolved around catching up w special people + ballet + church + fam bonding time + studying bc there wasn’t rly alot of time 😦

tbh mayb these kinds of holidays r the kind which i enjoy since its spend w people who rly matter hehe 🙂

anw here’s some highlights from my sept hols!! ´▽`

tee’s birthday!

we went to celeb tee’s bday n ended up baking red velvet cupcakes which turned out rly good huhu

photo (35)photo 5 (27)photo 3 (36)photo 2 (41)photo 1 (41)photo 2 (40)photo 3 (35)photo 4 (29)photo 5 (26)photo 1 (40)photo 4 (28)photo 3 (34)photo 1 (39)photo 2 (39)

spent sunday helping backstage @ a recital n it was actually v fun bc free perf from backstage + good company

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lunch w mum keke

photo 1 (37) photo 2 (37)

exam mass + ice cream outing

photo 3 (3)

always feels like forever since i last saw y’all :_(


photo 5 (24) photo 4 (26)

study date w my flower gang!!

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r we ok…

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study date w mel n tee huhu fun day missed y’all v muchy over the hols

photo 4 (23)

craycray saturdays before choir!

photo 1 (34)

photo 2

photo 3 (30) photo 4 (22)

photo 5 (20) photo 5 (21)

eyas r rly near now and it’s def not my fave part of the year bc my mood tends to b q down during such periods so many things going on at once & it’s getting hard to balance studies + friendships + ballet all at the same time, but at the end of the day its just spending time doing what matters most / on who matters most. jiayous friends we can do this!!

(( if you’re reading this, i know its q a rough period for you but i believe you’ll get through it luv u keke ))


special post for vvvv special people ⋂‿⋂

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happy pills(T∇T) tq for hours of lying on sn’s rooftop stargazing in complete darkness while having h2h talks. i don’t know how y’all do it but there’s never a dull moment with y’all hehe (´∀`) even tho we don’t see each other daily anymore we always manage to fill the gaps bc we never run out of things to talk about. h2h talks w y’all are always the best ♡ 

photo 2 (34)


photo (33)

super pretty view from st nicks rooftop??

photo (32)

bad + vv failed selfie?? bc we were in complete darkness

photo 3 (29)


^ we were literally like this for hours while talking probs not the most civilised thing to do but

photo 1

vv pretty night view from the rooftop

haven’t been able to listen to our grad song wout bawling my eyes out since 3 years ago on grad night but finially managed to while stargazing w these 2 poops HAHA who r we kidding there were only like 3 stars?? :_( AND we almost got locked in st nicks hahahhah

photo 4 (21)

photo 2 (35)

only 3 of us managed to make it for mlp this year tho bc everyone was busy (ノД`)

tbh everytime i think about stnicks i get teary bc im so so so so blessed x829304895 to have met the bestest friends & sn has been the biggest blessing ever (;▽;) everyone said we’d all drift after graduating but it’s been 3 years & i hope we always stay like this ´ヮ`

keke vv excited for thurs bc finally seeing erryone again wuhu ^v^ can’t w888888!

nygh carnival + other stuff ´・ᴗ・`

it’s been q long since i’ve put some proper form of update here so (´∀`)


nygh carnival was rly rly crowded & tbh it was a success so gjob!! went down w 6m ( even tho we were missing claire 😦 ) to watch buttz & alexis perform & they were v good (´ヮ`) everything else had super long queues so we ended up spending all our coupons on food, oopsie hehe. 

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photo 1 (28)

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birthday girl (。→∀←。)

photo 1 (29)

it happened to b joey cheng’s birthday so we had a mini celebration for her in the canteen! hehe i still can’t kick the habit of calling her full name since ive been doing it for years now 

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photo 5 (17)

since everything was so expensive at nanyang, we decided to take a bus down to sogurt for lunch + we were all craving sogurt somehow, before going back to nanyang to catch buttz’s performance

photo 2 (30)

& then botanic gardens w jess afterwards! 

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photo 3 (24)

as usual sat nights spent w my faves at choir hehe 

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i was scrolling though my camera roll & found some pics from a few weeks back 

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my left boob kel & bootie tanya keke luv y’all v muchy 

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photo 2 (31)

photo 1 (30)

last team pic w my cheerbies bc its going to b another 6 months before we see our poms & skirts again 😦  

went jogging w jamie on tues since that girl finally finished her exams (。◝‿◜。)

photo 3 (28)

photo 5 (19)

it’s dark & we r scary!1!!1!




it’s late

it’s nights like these where i feel inexplicably forsaken. 1am, up alone, unable to sleep, typing away, simply because it seems like the easiest way to express. it’s late and while everyone’s asleep but i can’t do the same. 

earlier today a point was put across to me by someone: there’s always going to be a void in our lives that can’t be filled, but we will continuously try again and again to brim it.

it’s greed, it’s an endless cycle. and we will always keep trying to do so. that’s exactly why we necessarily have to turn to the somewhat transcendental means to fill the void. there exists this void in everyone’s life. don’t tell me your life’s perfect, or someone else’s for that matter of fact. as close as it seems to perfect, the littlest void of vacuum still exists. and maybe it’s on nights like these where i feel that vacuum in my life strongest. 

there surely are brief moments where we actually feel our life is whole and seemingly ‘perfect’, even though it only last as an in-the-moment kind of feeling – it’s not long before something goes wrong again. but maybe there is a reason why these tests and difficulties are put into our lives nearly on a day to day basis. to put us to the test, to give us an opportunity to prove ourselves, to allow ourselves to emerge stronger. 



it’s past 1am, i have no idea if anyone’s even reading this so late into the night but i rly needed to sort it out in my head